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Standards, Perceptions and Choices for Greater Performance

Performance is just as difficult to define as it is to achieve. True or False?  Right or Wrong? Do you think you could do better? Are you told you should do better?

 The answers depend on who is setting the rules and how you decide to play the game.

Whether you’re playing solo or in a team, performance generally rhymes with pressure and the greater the pressure the harder it becomes to fulfil your goals.

Come to WPNG’s first subsidized workshop and learn how to shed the pressure and lay your claim to greater performance by acknowledging who and what you ARE rather than who and what you SHOULD BE.

Doumé, a professional football and team sports manager and trainer will show you how pressure can be reduced by adopting the appropriate mindset.

Sophie, intercultural communication and management consultant and trainer, will place you centre stage and prompt you to combine improved self-awareness and collaborative goal building to become a prized performer.

The aim: Help you to improve your communication and relational skills to gain assertiveness

The method: Display, discuss and test the techniques that allow you to match your aptitudes with your chosen goals.

The means:

  • Learning to read & unravel your emotions, feelings & reactions so as to adopt the physical & mental attitudes best suited to your potential and goals.
  • Comparing, discussing & learning to choose goal setting techniques
  • Testing the communication techniques that will enhance your performance


Résidence Villemanzy
21 Montée Saint Sébastien
Lyon, France